Brands and Media Agencies

With the proliferation of digital video in the world of advertising, it is extremely important for brands to have instant access to data so they can make sure their ads are running and reaching their intended audience. However, this sort of real-time access is extremely difficult to find, especially for advertisements being played on television.

With more competition than ever before in the world of video marketing, companies are in need of a technology that allows them a constant access to data about where and when their ads are being displayed. We are pleased to offer a solution that makes that possible: the Intelligent Video-fingerprinting Platform (IVP).

Instant Data for Advertisers

With the assistance of IVP technology, advertisers can have round-the-clock monitoring of television channels and video streaming sites to identify where their ads are being played in real time. When their advertisements air, they then get instant reports featuring a tremendous amount of data back about the audience that saw the clip. This technology also makes it possible to synchronize and optimize cross-channel marketing campaigns. We are even able to provide insights into what competitors doing, and how television correlates and influences other marketing channels

All of this feedback has an accuracy of greater than 99 percent. So rather than spending hundreds of hours combing through logs from networks, this video recognition technology will take care of the process for you.

24/7 Access

With round-the-clock access to advertising data, brands will become far more agile and able to adjust their campaigns more quickly than ever. Contact us today at IDENTV for more information about the capabilities of IVP technology for advertisers.